Sadistic Circus 2018


April 21, 2018 (Sat): Open 22:00, Start 23:00, Close 05:00 (scheduled)


Differ Ariake/1-3-25 Arike, Koutou-ku
Tokyo Japan 135-0063
+81 3 5500 3731


Arena seat(SS-seats)

[advance] 13.000yen (reserved seat)
[door] 14.000yen (reserved seat)


[advance] 11,500yen (reserved seat)
[door] 12,500yen (reserved seat)


[advance] 9,000yen (reserved seat)
[door] 10,000yen (reserved seat)

◆Those residing outside of Japan, those who do not speak/understand Japanese, and those who can only make payment using credit cards issued in countries other than Japan can purchase tickets at special reception.



* When using this system, a commission equal to 10% of the total amount of tickets purchased will be charged. If you can purchase tickets in Japanese, use the e-plus domestic ticket-purchasing website.

* After your purchase is confirmed, we could not accept any changes and cancellations.

* Ticket(s) will be exchanged on the day of event . At the time of exchanging the ticket(s) ,the person who purchase the ticket will be required to show a valid photo identification (ex: passport) .

The only person who made the reservation must be present to collect ticket(s) at the venue.

* For questions about purchasing tickets, refer to the e-plus FAQ page or use the e-plus contact form

◆Those who do not fall under the above conditions should use e+ (e-plus).
Ticket Selling start February 17th(Sat) PM12:00-



★ The Sideshow Superstar

This is sideshow! From Australia! The most radical, extreme circus troupe that will inspire madness in people!

★ Louis Fleischauer

Mystical quintet of Pain x Scream x Despair x Noise x Ecstasy! Gothic actionist playing a fierce symphony using human body is coming to Japan!

★ Asuka Ryuzaki & Hiromi Saotome

The first-ever collaboration between the queen of BAR BARA in Kyoto and the queen of Seppuku! An arabesque show full of perversion with a beautiful woman dressed as a man and a lyrical drama of Seppuku.

★ Ageha Asagi

Ultimate physical beauty draws a spiritual trajectory in an empty space! A boisterous aerial show that will bring a flood of emotions and move many to tears!

★ Maro

Dazzling and kaleidoscopic spiritual juggling skills displayed by a handsome guy! His chivalrous spirit captures the hearts of men and women of all ages, all over the world!

★ Kubikukuri Takuzo

His act of confronting destiny with a piece of rope is already an urban legend. You must see his solitary way of life that is repeated night after night!

★ Akira Naka & Iroha Shizuki

Enchanting! Touching! A tremble Kinbaku art entertainment show that will surely put an arrow through your heart!

★ Gokiburi Konbinat

Be prepared! A dangerous, hard, and dirty performance group rampaging the stage! An eye-opening experience with an anarchical musical!

★ Mikiko Kawamura & HIKO

A dynamically moving human body and a bursting rhythm! Megaton-class anger! A spiritual session leading to an increase in entropy!

★ Kaja Salamandra

Curvaceous salamanders with alluring eyes burning with love! Exotic belly dance sparkling in the dead of night!

★ Tokyo Afrobeats SP

★ Baikin Motteru Hato (pigeon with germs)

Brutal B.M.H. transcending all styles! Carefully-polished, surreal let’s-dancing-troupe is here!

★ Hirono Yamada

The MC of the midnight freak show got to be no one else but him! Whispering voice of the foremost narrator of the day!

* No one under 20 years old admitted, ID required (bring photo ID card for proof of age).
* Additional drink fee (500 yen) is collected at admission.
* Please refer to the official website for performers before purchasing tickets.
* Performers and the content of the programs/acts may change without notice.
* Please refrain from shooting without permission.
* Those wearing clothes or objects that are luminous, take up space, accompany large accessories, are excessively revealing, or otherwise disturb other audience or performers may not be allowed to enter or asked to leave.